Monday, March 5, 2012

03/05/12 - March On

I think we are in the clear for awhile.  No sign of headaches for 4+ days now.  No known soda addiction.  Cold/cough is on the mend and almost gone from our household.  The one thing that remains... Nightmares from the Lorax.  For the first time, Adam saw a commercial on TV and asked for the product.  He wanted to see the Lorax in the movie theater.  We were a little worried that it was PG, not G, but it is Dr. Seuss - rhymes, cutesy characters, cheesy songs!  We were actually more worried about Rachel for the rating, and an hour and a half is a long time to sit quietly for our bouncy three year old.  But she was fine and enjoyed the movie from the previews to end!  I should have known when they showed a preview for a new chimpanzee movie (documentary with a story line), and Adam asked, "what are they running from?"  I said, "I don't know, we have to see the movie to find out."  His response?  "How about you see the movie and tell me what happened."  He wanted to know what they were running from, but it looked to scary to watch himself.  So, Adam was frightened by the darker-colored, suspenseful parts in the Lorax and wanted to go home about half way through (and we didn't even see it in 3D).  So, as a parent, what do you do at that point?  I have two thoughts, "be careful little eyes what you see," and the good guy always wins in these movies, if he doesn't see that I won't be able to convince him.  I decided on the latter.  Not sure about the long term damage yet.  He still didn't like the movie, and he woke up early this morning scared of his dreams. The rest of us enjoyed the movie though.  Bright, whimsical, not the same as the book, very reminiscent to Despicable Me with some debatable underlying messages, but if you can stick to the "save the trees," I would recommend it.  

You would think that today would be more scary for Adam than an animated cartoon (maybe it was the embedded political messages)?  We have a clinic appointment for an IV chemo, Mexathrexate.  But at this point, it's just routine...  Going through the motions.  We'll bring the Ipad and some card games and hang out.  Besides the yellow fluid running through his IV for awhile, it's great bonding time.  Plus, we'll stop for lunch on the way home (my favorite is Genova's deli, but I guess I'll let Adam pick). These appointments don't usually wear him down.  If his blood counts are affected, it will take several days.  So, on with the show!  Wishing you a bright, whimsical Spring week!

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