Tuesday, February 28, 2012

02/28/12 - Headaches

Adam continues to get headaches since his LP last Friday.  They are not as bad, and he is not throwing up since Saturday.  On Monday, Josh was staying home from work (because he is now sick), and Adam's head was hurting pretty badly, so they went to the clinic.  Things are so much easier during the week, when we can talk to "our team."  Basic diagnosis is that it is related to the needle used on Friday.  Treatment?  Soda!  Not anything I would have come up with in a million years.  Apparently he needs caffeine.  So, we gave him Dr. Pepper.  A usually mellow kid was hyper, but nothing too crazy, luckily.  He had a piano lesson, and that is when I could really tell.  He was much more outgoing and wiggly.  Then, at bedtime, he was jumping and flopping all over.  He settled down ok though.  And we're glad to have a treatment.  Adam can't take Advil or Ibuprofen, though we've tried Tylenol (it just didn't work).  Six months ago, giving soda to my five-year-old wouldn't have been good news to me (had hoped to keep that away for many more years), but at this point, not much is surprising.  Modern medicine!  When Adam was a baby, he was horribly constipated all the time, so instead of water, we had to give him prune juice!  Haha!  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get him to drink plain water since he has had prune juice since he was a year old, and now that we've given him soda, it is only going to get worse!  Oh well, there are some battles that were never meant to be won. 

So, we have had a crazy last couple months.  I remember saying today, "if you ever think it can't get any worse or more hectic, then you are guaranteed to be surprised." We have have been more sick lately, more tired, softball is intense, work is busy, just one thing after another!  Such is life, and life is such.  Praise God we can rely on Him to never leave us and even carry us through.  Health is such a blessing!  Without health, there are so many handicaps... Everyday that I can can play with my kids, go to work, coach softball, what have you, God is teaching me appreciation for every little thing.  Humbling, I think.

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