Thursday, April 26, 2012

04/26/12 - Hats Off

So, we went hat shopping for Adam - to protect his shiny head.  The results are in... 

Runner up... Skater Adam...

In second place, Funny Face Skater Adam

An honorable mention... Athletic Adam

The winner is... (and I had absolutely NOTHING to do with this, I promise!)

GIANTS!!  Say Hey!

Honestly, I am not sure Adam knows who the Giants are.  He just liked the seal. 
Maybe the black and orange is undeniable -  it must be hereditary :)
And his hat choice... Bigger news than Pablo Sandoval matching Willie Mays' 16 game hitting streak to start a season.  Go Giants!  It's going to be a fun summer!!

Happy Sunshine!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

04/12/12 - Matter of Fact

 While I realize I do not have a lot to compare to, I am noticing Adam being very mature lately for his age.  Grain of salt here comes from the fact that I am with teenagers from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening 5 days a week, so the actual maturity of a 5 year old is not my expertise.  But here's an example.  Today, Josh asked us if we wanted to have lunch with him on the pennisula during his lunch break.  So, I tell Adam we are going to lunch, and he really does not want to go.  He wants to stay home and not go anywhere today.  I say, ok, it's not a big deal either way, so we'll stay.  He overhears me tell Josh we aren't going to make it this time, and next thing I know, he has disappeared.  Upon further searching, I found him in tears.  What in the world is wrong, Adam?  His response (mature analyzation of the situation, I think), "I made a bad decision, mommy." Ok, tell me about it.  He said, "I made a wrong choice about going to lunch.  I didn't know Daddy was going to be there."  I asked if he would like to go now that he knows the details.  He said (back to 5 year old), "<sniffle> uh huh <sniffle>"  So, we made a date with the daddy and had corndogs and hamburgers in Redwood City.  Disaster averted.  What prompted him to take such responsibility for the potential loss of lunch with Daddy, I have no idea.  That, and why didn't he just tell me he changed his mind?  Hmmm.  Luckily, Mommy could pull some strings, and turn the whole thing around!  Adam has been so matter-of-fact lately.  "How was your blood test?" His response, "Not so good.  They missed three times, so Jasmine had to come in again."  Or how about something a little lighter?  "How was your day?" He might say, "Pretty good.  Rachel took my (enter item here), but Grandma took care of it."  Conversations with Adam crack me up!
This is a little overdue, but a couple weeks ago, Adam went to the Warriors game with Grandpa.  Even cooler was that they went early and got to sit sideline to watch warm ups.  Adam was so excited all week asking, "how many days until Friday?"  Even at the game, he stayed until the very end (even when Grandpa was ready to go home early)!  What an awesome treat!  Adam has always liked to watch basketball - even on TV.  It took me 25+ years to sit through a whole basketball game, Adam must be special :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

04/08/12 - Happy Easter!

The sun came out for long enough to have a fabulous Easter!  Not only our first day back to church/Sunday School, my birthday, and a HUGE Easter egg hunt, we were able to enjoy food, fellowship, and a beautiful day to celebrate the LOVE of our God, the sacrifice Christ made for us, and pure HOPE.  HE has risen, indeed.  If we spent every day "looking" for Christ, how bright our days would always be!

Here are some pics of the babes having fun in grandpa and grandma's backyard:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

04/05/12 - Maintenance!!

Surprise!  We're in Maintenance!!

We thought we had two more appointments of "Interim Maintenance," but found out at clinic today that this was the last and his next appointment (April 23) is the first appointment in the "Maintenance" phase.  Woohoo!  So, Adam goes in once per month, less intensive, less invasive, hopefully less volatility with his health.  Today went extra smoothly, and he hasn't needed much recovery at all.  In fact, we were having so much fun wrestling that I accidentally gave him rug burn on the back of his head while dragging him by the feet.  Oops.

We are cleared for a lot of things.  For example, church (right in time for Easter), school, soccer, swimming, camping, large crowds of people, parks with sand, etc.  It will always depend on his counts - the risks when he is exposed to different bugs and illness are still a concern, but since his immune system will have time to recover between treatments, there is less caution.  I didn't realize, but it was a huge weight trying to maintain isolation with some degree of normalcy and without Adam feeling like he was being isolated.  We feel liberated, a sense of accomplishment, and EXTREMELY blessed!  We were only admitted (unexpectedly) once in the whole 7 and a half months of these treatments.  We had (only recently) nausea and headaches as a side effect.  We have remained in remission since the 3rd week after diagnosis.  Praise God we can be celebrating these things today!

I am looking forward to 10 days of Easter Break to spend with my kids!  Not sure what fun things we will do, but the options are pretty open right now :)