Saturday, June 9, 2012

05/13/12 - Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day in a special way this year, and perhaps the same way for years to come.  We were invited to Courageous Kids Day at Great America hosted by the American Cancer Society.  The slogan/purpose is to "give kids a day off from cancer and to celebrate the entire family and to let them know that in the area of childhood cancer, there is hope."  More than 600 families are invited to the event where each family recieves 6 free park tickets.  Once in the park, the ACS takes over the picnic area to host face painting, arts and crafts, sand castle-making, soccer & tetherball, photos with celebrities (such as Ronnie Lott and the Santa Clara U basketball team this year), food & ice cream, family protraits, water balloon toss, sword balloons, I could go on and on...  There's a short video about it here: Mercury News - Courageous Kids

We had a great time.  A little hesitant being our first time.  I think going in, you don't feel like you fit in.  I know I don't feel like I have a sick child most of the time.  Do we really qualify for something like this?  Another way to explain it, God has blessed us with enormous provision this past year, why do we get special treatment on top of it?  But since we do, hey, let's have some fun :) 

Adam wasn't really into all the activities, espcially not the photography.  Rachel, however, did just about everything!  She made a Mother's Day card with her handprints, got a butterfly face painting, and took pictures with Miss Santa Clara.  Adam did get a sword balloon and play in the water balloon toss (although Daddy and he were the first eliminated), lol.  Courageous Kids and Families Celebrate Mother's Day at Great AmericaSo, if you look REALLY closely, Josh made the Santa Clara Weekly magazine.  If you find the orange balloon covering someone's face, Josh is up and to the left in his Giants hat :)

Here are some clearer shots from the day...

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