Sunday, June 24, 2012

6/22/12 - Photo Ops

It's VBS! Which should stand for "very busy schedule," but it is probably better advertising to call it "vacation bible school."  Technically, my kids are too young to participate since our churches run a K-5 program, BUT there is a pre-school program for parents helping.  Given my recent end-of-the-school-year-burn-out, I was nervous to ask, but had the opportunity to talk to Selina about volunteering in areas in which I didn't have to be around kids.  I thought it was an outrageous request, but in perfect timing, she was looking for someone to help with photography.  Sweet!  We're in!!

So, the kids have had a blast, week 1.  Puppets, songs, and bible verses.  But both came home with a cold Friday.  Not sure if we will make it Monday.  That, and I have erupted in something that looks like chicken pox.  I have already had them as a kid, so can't be, right?  But what else?  Never seen anything like this, and awake at 3:30 am because I itch so badly, but have to wait until Monday to find out what is going on.  Fun.  A little more worried about the green stuff coming out of Adam's nose, so might have several appts on Monday :) Sorry, maybe TMI?  I'm off, hoping the hydrocortisone will buy me some sleep!

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