Thursday, August 2, 2012

07/30/12 - Sleepover

We had the cousins over for the sleepover I promised in the beginning of summer... Well, at least summer isn't over!  They had a good time. In the process I learned some key tricks to maintain "awesome aunt" status, even when I did get a little Sheriff-like at the mess, tattling, and forgotten "please's."  It can all be quickly forgotten by the kiddos with a few tricks:

1.  20 chicken nuggets for $4.99 at McDonalds with a play structure
2. Nintendo (yep, good old fashioned video games!)
3. Wearing masks and crowns in the car
4. Airplanes made out of cardboard boxes
5. Curly straws
6. Chocolate chip pancakes

7.  Movie theater movie time (which means after bedtime because we have to wait until it's dark outside) including popcorn & all the lights out
8. Princess dress up (with make-up, shhhhhh)
9.  Kite-making (even when there is no wind for kite-flying)
10. Sleeping downstairs in a "fort"

Looking back, most of my tricks involve food.  Oh well, whatever works :) Good 48 hours in Hendren-land this time.


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