Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 2014!

It is exactly one month and five days from the beginning of 2014!  Yeah!

We have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.  Adam is in 1st grade and Rachel started Kindergarten in September.  They are both great students.  Adam did a writing assignment (ok, 2 sentences... it is first grade after all), and the prompt was "if you could be any age, which would it be and why?"  His response, "If I could be any age, I would be zero so I could start all over."  On the surface you might think this is his asking for a fresh, healthy start.  Oh no, don't be fooled!  He would like to be younger than school-aged so he can spend his days playing with his cousins.  He is not fond of homework, but he does it.  And he got his first 4.0 this past quarter!  Not bad for an old soul but kid at heart :) Extra curricular-ly, Adam is playing basketball and just begun baseball practice this past Monday.  He enjoys sports and is an aggressive player at both.  I am just so thankful for his health and his ability to run around with kids his age.

Throwback Thursday
He did end up with a fever a week ago.  He has been admitted to get antibiotics for what I am going to call the "February Flu."  It has been like clock work, sneaking up on him.  Luckily, this year it was just a late night/early morning in the ER, and he was able to come home. There are only two other strange side effects he has had.  One is that he lost all his finger/toe nails.  Something (the doctor estimates in last June) shocked his system and killed the nail beds.  That was fun this past Nov-Dec.  The other is a rash on his face that comes and goes.  It looks like just eczema, and at his age, he hardly notices.  So, altogether, still smooth sailing.

First Day of School, 1st grade
We continue to take oral chemo and go in monthly for injections.  He has an LP in March, June, and September.  In October, we are scheduled to be done. Yes, I said it, "done."  Twenty nine months down and eight months remaining.  I will probably be getting nostalgic about the fact that it has been (almost) three years, Adam was four, and what an interesting experience it is.  Yes, "interesting" is the best adjective I can come up with, but I have eight months to improve.  Until then, thanks for listening.

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  1. I'm totally in awe. I admire your trust Teresa, and thank God for Adam. Praying still. Looking forward to that October party!