Sunday, December 4, 2011

11/24/11 - F.I.V.E.

So, it's been awhile.  But so nice to see you.  It is safe to assume that no news is good news, but I have some updates to share.

#1- Adam is five now!  We celebrated his birthday on the 24th, Thanksgiving day.  He is very excited to hold up is whole hand to show "how much" he is now.  I am amazed at the things he can do - his favorites being reading and riding a bike!  He is looking like a little boy now too.  When did that happen? 

#2- We celebrated this big birthday milestone and Thanksgiving at the happiest place on earth:  Disneyland!  There was quite a bit of anticipation leading up to it - can we go, can we not?  We didn't really ask for permission to go to Gilroy Gardens a couple months ago, but this seemed like a little more of a big deal (enter sarcasm). On the Thursday before we left, the doctor thought it was possible we could make the trip.  So, on Saturday, we told the kids... and left for a Family Life conference in Monterey. Lol.  Sunday night and Monday morning, I packed the bags while Josh and Adam went to clinic. Thankfully, the doctors confirmed (while maybe not their favorite idea) it was ok to go.  So we left that afternoon!  It was actually amazing timing.  A couple weeks ago we went in for his chemo, and we were told his counts were not high enough to administer one of the medicines.  This was kind of odd, but not totally unexpected. We just skip it this time so his immune system can recover, and take it next time.  That next appt. happened to be the 19th (Disney departure date).  It gave his body two weeks to recover, plus even though he got the chemo and LP the morning we left, it takes approx 5 days for it to affect him.  So, if he does get tired, it will be our way home on Friday.  Praise God!  While we were there, everything was great.  There was no stress, we walked circles around the park, Adam went on Buzz Lightyear 3x, and Rachel met every princess.  We may have been physically exhausted from the carrying of kids passed out/dead weight over our shoulders on the walk back to the bus every night :) But Disneyland through the eyes of kids is truly magical.  Especially at Christmastime.  And I am so thankful we were able to go.
#3 would be that Interim Maintenance is done.  It was nice while it lasted.  Treatment only ever 10 days, and pretty non-invasive at that.  Adam looks healthy, has high spirits, and has really been back to normal the last month or so.  Even better, we have two total weeks off!  On the 19th we start our next phase, Delayed Induction, which is very similar to the 1st month... all over again.  Not the best Christmas present, but at least Josh and I will be home from work.  And it's never too soon to pray for a smooth and easy recovery!

I can easily identify what I am thankful for this holiday season: #1 to be cancer free.  We are all sick with colds right now.  Coughing, sneezing, stuffy heads, but I am still praying that everyone we know is protected from cancer, and that a cure is found, and I will take the common cold any day over that.  #2 Family and friends. It truly "takes a village..." and #3 That we have hope.  Where else would we have hope if not for God?   There would be no peace, no hope, and life would be a day in, day out hamster wheel if we didn't have a savior to rely on, cast our troubles on, and soak in the promises of.  Life can be a rollercoaster, or it can be simple. I believe you choose your ride.  Happy December!


  1. Hey! We were there at the same time. Good times for sure :)...Happy Birthday Adam!!