Saturday, December 24, 2011

12/24/11 Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Eve!  The weekend we have all been waiting for!  Our plans are to lay low - do the family thing.  I am attempting my first turkey!  I have never had to cook one before - we do Thanksgiving dinner at Curt and Dottie's (grandma's side of the family) and Christmas dinner at my grandpa's house.  I am not sure what the four of us will do with a 7 lb turkey especially considering Adam hasn't been eating much, but we'll do our best.  Rachel is definitely growing and needs to fill her buddha belly so there is some hope.  Plus, this is the reason I have a second freezer in the garage!  Wish me luck!

This is how he normally poses for pictures anyway
Adam shows signs that he is reacting well to the new medicines.  He has wanted to play cars, ride his bike, go to the library, but these are only in small spurts.  We keep Adam cautiously busy. I think it helps him get better faster.  My favorite was the candy-covered pretzels we made yesterday using Christmas molds!  He is good for about four hours and then he crashes.  His favorite pose is face down on the "comfy chair" with his feet curled up on the armrest.  That's the sign he needs a nap!  Then he'll sleep for a couple hours and go again.  Bedtime has been about 11:30 and 7pm.  Usually I am excited when the kids want to go to bed early, but right now is not great timing.  But we could do Christmas movies and Christmas books and (go looking) at Christmas lights! Ok, fine I guess they can go to bed :) Only one more day of the Decadron pills and then we get a week off, so next week I am sure we will  have our hands full with stir-crazy toeheads.

I learned something yesterday.  I got a really great book that I know I am going to love from Roxanne and Troy for Christmas.  It is a Max Lucado trio in one.  I started with Come Thirsty, and as the title implies it talks about water.  This is something that spoke to me as a coach and as a woman in general, but especially in this moment of this week it spoke directly where I have been struggling spiritually.  You know why?  Because I dried up!  Our body needs water to swallow, temperature control, to fuel our organs, lubricate our limbs, help the blood travel, etc, and our soul needs water so our heart doesn't turn into a raisin.  Tis' the season, Jesus is our water - that's the gist of Ch.1.    Temper/moodiness, worry, guilt, fear, irritability, insecurity, I could go on... We need spiritual water to fuel our soul.  The story is told in John 7, but specifically, John 7:37-38 says: “If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. 38 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” It's funny how you read these verses (especially a common one like this verse), and you think, yes, this is great, makes sense, check.  But then it comes around later at the perfect time when there is serious application needed.  I even have a cool acronym for you (thanks to Max, of course):  Think of Jesus as your WELL: his Work on the cross, the Energy of his spirit, his Lordship over your life, and his unfailing Love.  Neat, right?  Ok, cheesy math teacher, moving on... Not going to church and only having occasional time to work on the soul has caught up to me - it was an easy time to prey, but now I have this great book and found that my church has all the Sunday services via podcast online.  I'm going back to work (before I really have to go back to work that is)!  Loving God's timing today - He truly will never leave you  and meets you right where you are at!


  1. Word...praying for you guys still and am greatly encouraged by you Teresa! Miss you xoxox,Laurel

  2. Lol. I love your humor! I miss you too! Thanks for the note :) Love ya!