Wednesday, August 31, 2011

08/29/11 PEG Day

I was searching online about leukemia and found an article in the NY Times about ALL. All the references about diagnosis and treatment were from something called A.D.A.M. I wouldn’t make this up!  Nor EVER reference the NY Times as a reliable, unbiased source of news unless it was absolutely necessary!!  A.D.A.M. stands for Active Directory Application Mode.  It’s an internal computer processing part of some sort – way out of my normal word processing and internet browsing capabilities.  Why they provide medical research is still unknown, but kind of ironic, if I do say so myself.  Link here (maybe you can interpret):
Well, anyways, today’s big event was the double shot in the thigh (“pegs”).  Two of the biggest needles I have ever seen simultaneously shot into each of the tiniest thighs possible, at the same time. Was NOT looking forward to this!  Can’t we wait until Friday when they put him under?  Apparently not.   There is a team of “Child Life Specialists” who are basically like teachers or playmates for the patients.  They explain things in kid-friendly terms and will do medical play or arts and crafts to help kid express their fears or anger while undergoing treatment.  She was great!  She played doctor and let Adam use some of the wipes and cleaning things along with official doctor tools like a stethoscope and blood pressure pumper (real official, huh? I’m learning from her too!)  Unfortunately, when it came to the needles, nothing could distract him.  Not the TV, remote controlled helicopter, Cars and Toy Story view finder, nothing!  He was going to watch and it was not pretty.  I can’t blame him though.  I like to hear exactly what is going to happen, how much it is going to hurt, and watch the process.  He is very much like that, but he proceeded to wrap his blankie around his body and refuse access to his legs.  The last time Adam was wrapped in his blankie, he was 3 mo old when Auntie Jill gave it to him.  A precious little lamb, born to be a professional baseball player.  If that doesn’t work out, West Point was Plan B.  Still in the running, but now thinking Stanford is a little closer.
Well, we survived.  He was scared, but toughed it out.  My little trooper.  Great Grandpa and Grandma Tina were here, so that helped forget about it quick. Pastor Don and Lea came to pray with us and deliver some books before their super cool sabbatical. Heaven is for Real, highly recommended.  Adam got a Cars book, of course! Later we saw Grandma and Great Grandma.  They brought dinner.  Josh and my awesome Bible study-mates, Daniel and Amber, arranged dinner for us.  Possibly ALL week!  They are amazing.  Apparently Amber was diagnosed with cancer at 11.  I get her story soon.  Amazing!  Of course the visit Adam was looking forward to was his cousins: Uncle Jason, Aunt Karina, Vienna, Andrew, and Savannah.  Thank you also to Nathaniel, Wendy, and Caleb for visiting too.  Love you all very much and eternally grateful for all the prayers and support.


  1. Wow! That is so weird about A.D.A.M. Praying for you guys!