Wednesday, August 31, 2011

08/31/11 Adam Unplugged

Haha!  I’m giddy.  They have taken Adam off of another one of his meds because his body is responding well.  This was a med that counteracted a side effect.  No side effect is a great sign. Then, tonight we found out that if during the day Adam drinks 12 of the little juice boxes that are stocked in the mini fridge, he doesn’t need his IV fluids.  What?!?!  Unfortunately, it is 8 pm and we are three short.  Will that stop us? Oh, no.  We need to pound some apple juice, pronto!  It’s no problem for Adam.  Those juice boxes are child’s play in his book anyway.  So, even greater news, he’s off the IV.  He’s free!!  Another great sign that he will function ok outside of the hospital.
Not that Children's hospital is not amazing.  It is like Club Med!  You would have to pay top dollar in a fancy hotel for our view.  We can see the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate, and Mill Valley – just out of our one window. Adam likes when the BART goes by (like, every 15-20 min)!  Plus, we have dining services which provide a ton of great food options.  Tonight he ordered cheese pizza, but changed his mind when it got to us.  So, we ordered a grilled cheese instead.  Room service is awesome!  That will probably be the biggest disappointment when we get home.  We have in our (master bedroom-sized) room a Playstation 2, and Adam is loving the Cars 2 racing game.  Not to mention the plethora of toys!  From Nerf guns to remote control car and helicopter, coloring, reading, legos, board games, transformers, Leapster & Ipad games… He is in good shape.  Did I mention THANK YOU to our friends for all the goodies they have brought for him and Rachel?!?!? Next door is a playroom with arts and craft supplies, children’s library (including DVD and video games), and other toys and board games.  There is a lot he can do to stay entertained.  It is difficult to keep him off the Ipad though.  He is becoming an Angry Birds master!
So, should be pretty quiet here for a couple days.  Next big day is Friday.  Adam has another spinal injection, and they will draw some bone marrow at the same time.  The draw will tell us details about how the chemo is working.  Also, we should know by then how he will function in regards to fluid and food intake, side effects, etc.  Basically, we should know by Friday evening whether we are going home this weekend or not!  Will keep you posted…

Awesome visitors today: The Monroes, Grandma, Uncle Jason, Vienna, Rox, Troy, Uncle Brian, and Auntie Jen.

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