Saturday, January 21, 2012

01/21/12 - The Great Whine

I realized I forgot to update.  We didn't qualify for Adam's next treatment this past week.  His ANC counts were still <500, so we are rescheduled for next week.  He goes in for his blood test on Monday, and hopefully we will know Monday afternoon when the big sleepover happens!

In the meantime, I'll be honest.  Getting very stir crazy.  With the weather being crummy, it's hard to find things to do!  I am burnt out of puzzles, painting, coloring, board games, movies, building forts, playing princess, match box car races, and video games!  Even the new air hockey table reminds me that we are confined to the house because that's why we, I mean Santa, got it for this month of isolation.  So, what I was once enjoying as a learning experience on how to stay home is now restriction - house arrest!  We looked into the drive-in this weekend, but no kid's movies.  We thought about picnic in the back of the truck.  One of Josh and my favorite dates from back in those days was when we picked up pizza and a 2 liter from Domino's and ate in the back of the Blazer at the top of Tilden park, but it's too windy and cloudy to even enjoy that. Ok, I am whining, but I really thought I would be motivated by home improvement projects and crafty-stuff.  I've been exploring pinterest a lot lately.  But in reality, I do not accomplish anything unless it is under pressure.  For example, the ornaments are in the attic from when I started putting away the Christmas decorations, but I have accepted that the tree looks perfectly normal as a "winter tree" in the living room. And I have all the time in the world to take the last wreath, garland, and this tree down to put away, but they remain.  Lovely as they are, they serve as reminders of my laziness. Yet, here I am typing.

Enjoy Inspiration Point at Tilden Park/Wildcat Canyon:  You Tube Panoramic!

Adam, you ask?  Oh yeah.  He's totally fine.  Happy as a clam.  He is slightly addicted to Zelda, but we manage that by requiring piano practice to earn video game time.  He is starting to feel much better than the last several weeks.  He's more energetic and silly the last few days.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it), that means he is ready for the next chemo treatment.
Adam practicing.  We thought we cut his hair short enough, but when they say "lose hair," they mean bald!  So, we have patches left, but don't have the heart to tell him we need to cut it again.  Oops.  But he can't see the back of his head, so we'll just go with it for now!

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