Monday, January 23, 2012

01/23/12 - It's 1-23 Today!

Still a no-go, but at least the date is fun.  1-23.  Plus 1+2=3.  :)

Adam's counts weren't high enough yet, his ANC is only at 608 and needs to be at 1000.  It's been growing about 100 points per week.  This is not bad or good, it's just the process.  It could go up 500 points in one day - you never know.  They'll keep checking now every few days to see when he is ready for the next chemo. 

On a selfish note, I am thankful we can hold off a few days.  It is Spirit Week a fun, wacky, creative, and exhausting time at school, and it would have made me anxious and kinda sad not to be there.  Especially on hallway assembly day!  We are decorating our hallway to look like London. My favorite is the fog machine for "London Fog!"  Plus a few more days of normalcy is nice.  Now we're off to piano lessons.  Just plugging along until the next treatment!  Cheerio!

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