Sunday, February 5, 2012

02/04/2012 - Another Post About Hair (and the beach)

Dear Blog, I thought of you all day.  We had an eventful Saturday, and I wanted to share everything.

It feels like summer - the temperature might be barely 70, but the sunshine is enough for us to want to be outdoors... Badly!  Our options are limited with the port accessed, we don't want Adam to compromise his line.  It was actually Adam's idea to fly his new kite.  There is, of course, no wind anywhere, so we went on a hunt for wind.  We started in San Ramon/Dublin, but no luck.  Our next idea was by the bay and headed over the San Mateo bridge.  There were sailboats, so we had hope.  However, on the other side of the bridge, there is not one branch swaying, so we decide to go farther west.  We end up in Half Moon Bay, and not even a breeze.  Really?   We stopped in Moss Beach where there is a serious crowd of surfers and spectators, and come to find out, there are two kites flying by the beach.  Yes!  We get the never-been-opened kite out, and Josh begins assembly while Rachel and I watch some surfers.  Ten minutes later, Adam is using the kite rods as samurai swords and the kite is not looking like a kite.  By the time we figured the thing out, the other kites were landed.  There was not even enough wind by the ocean to get this thing in the air.  Hilarious!  So, we went to the beach.  Adam drew in the sand while Rachel wanted to get her feet wet.  I froze my toes with her, but totally worth it.

The next cool thing was we hunted down a Triple D restaurant called Gorilla BBQ in Pacifica.  It is a BBQ place in a train car on the side of Hwy 1.  No tables, so we tailgated.  Adam went inside to see the picture of Guy Fieri with the owner.  He was stoked.  And he actually ate chicken, cornbread (best I've ever had!), and corn on the cob (this doesn't always happen lately)!  Good times.

 So, the literal first big event of the day was the "big cut."  After Rachel's dance class, I went to see hair extraordinaire, Julie, and poof!  Ten inches gone!  I am donating my hair to the Childhood Leukemia Foundation.  I actually chickened out in January.  Well, I legitimately forgot about the original appointment I scheduled with her (subconscious or not, IDK), and she called me because another one of her clients showed up earlier that she was supposed to - so I was off the hook.  Today, I was ready, and I am 10 inches shorter (and possibly 5 pounds lighter)!  She compared my hair to Asian hair - thick, coarse, heavy.  And once it was gone, I realized how true that is andjust how much 10 inches really is!  I have never had my hair so short (maybe close one time before the perm days when in 6th grade), but I have also never appreciated why I leave it long either.  So, my hair is only one small bunch of many they have to collect just to make one wig, but one step closer is better than none.  It's like the $1 contributed in the check out line (not that I am condoning donating $1 for the charity of the month at Safeway or something like that).  But a lot of $1 makes a big difference.  Not sure how long it will take to grow my hair that long again, but it's an easy, low-commitment way to help a child going through chemo.  We are glad to have a boy - it's not a big deal for him to be bald.  A girl though, especially school-aged, has to deal with the roller-coaster of treatments and then deal with the image thing on top of it.  One less worry is one step closer to a cure in my opinion.   So, of course I can't resist posting a before and after...

Likely never to look like this again, no idea what to do with this!

Can't figure out how to rotate this, but the form says:  "Wigs 4 Kids & Childhood Leukemia Foundation in Honor of Adam Hendren"

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