Sunday, February 26, 2012

02/26/12 - Perserverance

Friday Adam went in for his 12th? 13th? LP.  He has been getting nauseous the past few times, and it got worse this time.  He threw up when he woke up from the anesthesia, when he got home, the next morning, and that evening.  He would say he had a headache on the top of his head, and a few minutes later was throwing up.  Josh called the Oncology group, and they said to keep an eye on him to see if the headache persisted.  They were cleared to go to the Monster Truck show at the coliseum, so Josh, Uncle Brian, and Daniel took 5 small kids to watch the show :)  They had a great time with nachos, popcorn, and who knows what else, but on the way home, well, unfortunately, the headache came back, lasted for 20 minutes, and another up chuck.  Josh and Adam ended up in ER.  I was at Beach Blanket Babylon, and completely clueless to the whole ordeal.  I felt so awful, neglectful, selfisih for not being around all day when this was happening!  I grabbed some overnight clothes from home since Josh wasn't able to come home before he went to Children's, kind of realized the guilt was ridiculous and I can't live my life in fear of something happening when I'm gone, and met them at ER.

Adam had a blood test and CT scan while there.  The Mexa. injection can cause blood clot or toxicity in the brain - both completely fixable, but sounds completely scary!  So, we waited while Adam watched TV from 11 pm until 3 am with the occasional interruption from a doctor or nurse.  We thought we were going to be admitted because it was so late, but it ended up that all the tests came back negative, so they sent us home.  Phew!  Still on watch, and praying that it was just a nauseous reaction to the anesthesia.  Praising God that this was just a scare and Adam continues to avoid any side effects or extra add-ons to his treatments, and thankful he remains in remission.  Still praying for healing, strength, and good spirits for Adam.   It is amazing how easy going Adam is for every appointment, ER visit, blood test, x-ray, whatever, he still just goes with the flow.  He sat completely still for the CT with no trouble at all.  They missed his port (twice) when accessing this time (how that happened, I will not begin to dwell on), and he was upset, but not hysterical or disobedient to what they needed to do.  An awesome kid, this one.

I think Josh and I are starting to get a little worn out.  The weekly or bi-weekly appointments, Adam's roller coaster of wellness, difficulty to communicate between us, and underlying stress is getting, well, old.  I think, with the light before us, we are starting to see the end of this intense time, and looking forward to the Maintenance phase.  Adam has his Kindergarten assessment March 2nd, we have earmarked Easter for our first day back to church, and we're just looking forward to some of these "normal" things to happen.

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