Sunday, February 19, 2012

02/19/12 - A.R.R. (Another Random Rant)

This past week was about Valentine's Day.  A very confusing time for me.  Usually that translates to speeches about ridiculous acts of courtship and flowers that die in a week to anyone who will listen (these days, that would be high school math students). One of the legends of Valentine's Day reveals the purpose is for married couples to celebrate the meaning of love in their relationships.  Valentine was a priest in approximately 250 AD who, after Emperor Claudius passed a law forbidding marriage (so more men would volunteer to be Roman soldiers), continued to marry couples in secrecy.  He was caught and executed on February 14, and we have empowered Hallmark and florists ever since.  So, if Valentine's Day is supposed to be about celebrating married couples, and marriage is a representation of Christ's relationship with the church, then why did it get so puffed up?  Perhaps I am being crass, but it is so much easier to get a dinner reservation and enjoy my husband on any other day of the week rather than a Tuesday night in the middle of softball tryouts.  Valentine's day is a great tool for kids though.  We made Valentines (cutting out paper hearts and coloring), and received Valentines from friends - which made the kids feel extra special.  So, while I still say the media is ruining a perfectly good holiday, kids make up for it.  (One hour later...)  In reflection, my perspective goes as far as commercials and high school.  I need to get out more.

Adam has been completely fine since our hospital visit last week.  His ANC has recovered and we were even given the clear to go to cousin Savannah's birthday.  His ear infection cleared up very quickly after the IV antibiotic, and the cough is pretty much gone too.  It is Rachel and my, actually, colds that are lingering.  Because they are only colds, there is no bug killer that will just wipe it away.  So, we cough and sniffle, but pretty much can continue everyday life.  Adam's next appointments is Fri the 24th for an LP.  I did, finally, get the bio hazard out of our house.  We just packed up the used syringes and gloves to a box with a return label, and I took it to the post office.  It is very strange to me.  I was explaining to the clerk that I wasn't sure what to do with one of the labels, and she kindly tried to read over it and check if I filled it out correctly.  I am laughing now because I, of course, told her too much and she was probably considering whether to put on gloves before she touched the thing.  But, nonetheless, we're all done with home administration.

So, President's Day weekend - kind of happy to avoid the weekend rush to the snow.  Next year, I think, that will be us.  The kids are just about ready for skiing lessons.  Still haven't ruled out a snow trip this year, though.  Sledding is a good individual sport with bundles of clothes and not too much physical exertion.  Maybe... Until then, we are looking at possibly another day at the beach to try kite flying, round 2.  Happy weekend!

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