Saturday, February 4, 2012

02/03/12 - Take Two

Post Access - home treatment, take two.  Adam got his port accessed again at clinic yesterday, but it was an easy appointment since that was all he needed to do.  It was Josh's turn, so I don't have the first hand details, but he got to talk to Dr. Beach, our main doctor.  We started the Ara-C injections in the morning, which will work better this way because I can take it out Monday morning before I go to work instead of Monday evening (after softball tryouts, that is!).  Adam is still not a fan of the inject-at-home.  This morning he apparently hid in the closet when I went to get the supplies.  It didn't work out for him, though because he had to go to the bathroom before I came back.  I think mostly, he doesn't like the saline flush I have to do because it smells salty.  I have tried to give him juice or crackers during so he doesn't notice it, but there's not a lot that we can do.  Every time he goes to the clinic to get injections, the line has to be flushed with this stuff.  So, I wonder if he is just getting a little burnt out?  Good news is after this week (Monday is last day of Ara-C, Thursday is last day of the 6T6 pills, and 2/24 is the last LP of this phase), we go back to Interim Maintenance for 56 days.  After that, we are in the home stretch: Maintenance. 

A little worried about the number of bugs going around.  Flu bugs, viruses, colds, allergies.  It seems all those things are in full season.  Adam said he woke up with a sore throat this morning, so we are watching that, but could just be a result of his snoring, so not worried yet.  We have still been extremely blessed in our health.  Rachel has a cough in the morning which is ominous, but Josh and I have avoided anything serious which we are grateful for especially because of the number of people and different environments we are in everyday.  I get sick in March every year - a combination of cold season, burnt-outedness, and being outdoors in the rain and wind.  So, I am anticipating that, but am being extra cautious with vitamins, warm layers, and Airborne on hand!  Other than that, we praise God for Adam's progress and the support we continue to get from friends and family - plus a prayer that Adam will be protected from anything that is going around.  He has enough going on in his body for the time being!

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