Friday, September 2, 2011

09/02/11 Post-Op

Surgery is over.  Adam is doing just ok this time.  It was a really long day without food or drink.  He also woke up earlier than last time.  You have to lie down for 30 minutes in recovery to prevent headache, so he had to stare at the celing, ravenously hungry, and there wasn't anything we could do to distract him.  Then, after 30 minutes he could sit up, but we had to wait another 30 minutes before we could go upstairs - mostly because it was the nurse's shift change.  Bad timing!  We survived.  So basically, the discomfort of the day has been draining and we are settling in to a quiet movie night (Robin Hood is his current favorite).
Now, on to the results.  We ARE going home!  We decided to wait until tomorrow morning becautse it was just easier that way,  but we are free and clear to go back to (an altered) normal life. As for the progress of the chemo...  I should start out by saying I was hoping for a "break the odds" type of result.  We wanted remission (cancer cells less than 5%).  Call me an over-achiever (or greedy, ifyou must), but we really had a 50-50 chance here.  What did happen is still great news.  His cancer cells decreased from 50% to 11%. 50 minus 11 is 39%, which is an 80% drop!  Also, still no fever, mouth sores, high blood pressure, constipation or any other concerning side effect.  So, we are making progress.

The next big day is next Friday.  He has to come back to the clinic for two things.  One is the vincristine (an intraveneous chemo treatment) and two is anothere lumbar puncture (LP) like we did today.  It will be another long day.  And not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but if I am being truthful, I have one other concern lingering.  If he is not in remission next week (<5% cancer cells in the blood), then we have to change prognosis to be more aggressive. This gives us a little more to worry about.  Now, I realize God works in His own time and not in our preferred time, but it is difficult when hearing doctors, medical terms, and percentages all day (especially days like today).

I am clinging onto Matthew 6 tonight. "So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today." ( Matthew 6:34).  And there really isn't trouble today! In fact, we are on a pretty good path.  God is going to provide for our needs, maybe not all our wants, but everything that we need.  I also need to remember that He provides according to HIS riches in heaven - and not be distracted by wordly websites, doctors, and statistics.  I have faith in Him as our healer and provider, and am trying not to be so obsessed with the comfort of our own home... Although that was some pretty fantastic news :) Did you know Adam's name was almost Matthew? I have an orange hat with black writing "Matthew," child-sized if anyone is interested?  The book of Matthew was my go-to for a long time.  The parables spoke to me, and who can live without the Beatitudes?  You have to hear it taught by Pastor Matthew - a-maze-ing!  And appropriate, right? But as a name, it didn't fit for our boy. Adam though - "of the earth," seemed like a simple, masculine, fit.  Can't imagine it any other way! 


  1. Hello my friend, I love you & I love your strength and courage in sharing your family's journey. The past couple nights I've read Ps 139 & Matt 6 as my daily devotional, so I'm right there with ya sister! Please know, the Gomes' are down on our knees. XOXO -Jan

  2. Hey guys, this post brought me chills.....not bad chills but chills when i read of your faith in God to bring your family through this journey! Our family too will be down on our knees!

  3. Your faith is encouraging Teresa...we are still praying. BTW, what is Adam's middle name? I'm praying the reality of Matthew 6 continues to sink deep into your soul today..and all week.

  4. Thanks all. Love you!

    Laurel - Adam's middle name is Joseph.