Friday, September 9, 2011

9/9/11 Re-----

We have nothing to worry about.  That is if you are full of patience and perfectly content in the unknown.  33"But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Thanks Matt, ol' buddy ol' pal.  Guess God had another plan for Adam's blood counts being revealed because we have to wait until Monday.

He was a trooper - has been from the start.  He got his chemo via metaport at 9:30 and headed up to surgery on the 3rd floor.  However, he waited there for 2 hours before they actually took him in.  Some delays, guess that's not normal operation at the clinic.  However, the first delay was they couldn't find his doctor.  That seems a little strange.  The other two delays were due to complications with other surgeries.  Hopefully there won't be many more times of fasting all day and then waiting in a confined 6x3 room for 2+ hours.  Since Adam's procedure is now so late in the day, we won't be able to hear anything until the next day.  Since the next day is a weekend, we have to wait until Monday.  Bummer, drag.  I know he is doing fine, and if there was a problem, we would already know.  So, I think I got myself a little too excited to hear the word, "remisison." It is a three year process.  Three days is not a big deal. "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding." Had I asked Proverbs what to do today, I might not have been so disappointed this afternoon.  Life is so much simpler when you chalk it up to God and rest your burdens on Him.

BTW, I am happy to report that Adam does not really want a new house.  That was just his way of saying he is bored.  I should have known - a routine kid wants a schedule.  So, starting tomorrow, we're going to schedule.  He can watch his cartoons until breakfast at 8, reading until 8:30, get dressed and ready until 9, painting and art until 10:00, outside until 12.  Then lunch and nap... That's as far as I got... But hopefully he won't be "bored" all day.  It's not like the kid doesn't have enough toys.  He just needs some direction in his life.  Haha.  Sounds like I am talking about a teenager!  Hoping to post a picture tomorrow, he's looking a little puffy.  Only gained 1 pound though.  Just puffy.

Food!  I have to tell you this story.  His favorite show is Iron Chef now.  Then today there is a marathon running of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (which is more like Josh and my hobby than a tv show), and Adam is hooked!  Can you imagine Adam, the next Guy Fieri?  So, he comes to me around dinner time and says, "Mommy, I have a good idea.  We should get one of those cooking books and turn the pages and find something and cook it!"  He was so excited about it!  Of course, this is the time I can't find Rachel Ray, so I pull out an Italian cook book I have, and hope he doesn't choose something like cioppino or even pizza would have been pretty much impossible with what I have on hand.  He is reading this book, carefully skimming the pages and looking at the pictures.  He decides we should make polenta.  Ok... Can do. So, we make chicken with polenta and peas.  I swear, he is telling me how much to put of each thing. He is starting to measure in addition to stirring and pouring?  It is awesome!  Unfortunately, he didn't like polenta.  I told him that sometimes even chefs try new things they don't like.  (He did, of course, proceed to eat the rest of the peas in the freezer! How do you say "no" to more peas?)  You would think I could teach him to pour his own cereal in the morning so I can sleep in.  Hmmm...

P.S. False alarm about Rachel contaminating the house.  I think we avoided a bug afterall.  Maybe allergies?  Maybe a miracle.

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