Sunday, September 4, 2011

09/04/11 Haircut

Our message today at church was about change.  Don’t you love when it feels like the pastor prepared something for you personally?  God’s handiwork J  Jesus came to change humanity.  He came so that we can live abundantly.  If we are worried or anxious, then we have walked away from Him.  When something becomes such a focus to us, Jesus steps down from being king to compete with (enter distraction here).  Let’s leave Jesus where he belongs so He can be a tower of refuge.  And I will dwell in His house, not in my own. The only place I can be refreshed is by Him - not by researching the internet, not by sulking on the couch, not by focusing on work.  It is Jesus I am seeking today. 

So, to embrace the "change," we went for daddy and me haircuts!  We went down to Great Clips for the “Great Cut.”  Good bye hair, hello military mohawk.  Unfortunately, Adam is the only one not excited about it.  I am hoping it will grow on him.  Ew.  Bad choice of words.  I am hoping he will like it better in time (since there will be no hair growing for a very long time).  Very happy about Josh’s nappiness also being gone.  Did you know he has blonde curly locks?  If you haven’t seen him in a while, take my word for it.  Now he has a nice, clean, trimmed look.  No more white-boy trucker look.  Ok, maybe that was a little harsh?  Darn, I don’t have a picture of Josh, but here is Adam all cleaned up!

Also got to try out the new washer and dryer today.  Did I mention those fine appliances breaking last week?  Yes, wonderful timing.  We got them when we got married.  Funny thing, Josh’s Grandma’s microwave just broke.  Yes, the one she got when she was first married.  They just don’t make things like they used to.  As I type our refrigerator sounds like it is warming up for takeoff, so hoping that holds out awhile... Off to hug my honey.  He deserves it for putting up with me the last 24 hours!

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