Sunday, September 11, 2011

09/11/11 Divine Intervention

Praise the Lord for His divine intervention today.  I have been avoiding or rather missing reality.  

"We are fine."  "Adam is doing great, he is like normal."  Have you heard me say these things?  I have been wanting so badly to be normal, for Adam not to be different - just a "normal" kid.  Because how can a kid enjoy life, be confident, and have friends if he is not like everyone else his own age?  I also want sameness.  It is like this: I am going down a paved, straight, road and anything that comes into contact with us has to fit in this pre-existing, known road.  However, this road could be curving.  Our road can be totally different. There is a chance for us to live lives that make a difference for God's kingdom here on earth.  

So, typically all four year old boys like cars or superheros or legos, right?  Stereotypical boy-stuff.  They are also active, hands-on, busybodies.  But what makes boys "normal?"  Why would I want my kid to be normal?  Normal is defined "conforming to the standard." Well, let's look at the standard around us here on earth.  Is that really what I want my kid conforming to - worldly desires, empty promises, materialism, and instant gratification of "normal" American life?   The world tells us that everything you get is a response to what you do: I pay $40, I get a pair of shoes.  Cancer doesn't work that way.  It is not achieved, it is not granted, it is not chosen, it is not inherited, it is not contagious.  I am sure there will be some connections made at some point in medical history, but regardless of where it came from, Adam is in the unique. He IS different.  Not only will he have seen miracles and God's amazing hand at such a young age, but he will be able to reason and relate to people in a way very few others will.  These things that make him not normal are things that make him extraordinary.  Rachel is also extraordinary.  She will have a compassion as his sister for people the rest of her life. Remember Psalm 139?

If I am unwilling to accept the ginormous change in our lives as permanent, I would be missing out on the greater purpose of God's will in our life.  Adam may be temporarily weak because of his immune system and susceptible to infections, but he is permanently a boy who has/had cancer.  I can shelter and coddle or  show him how this is something that makes him unique and it is good!  It has been difficult explaining big concepts (like cancer) to a four year old.  My approach thus far has been something like, You are fine.  Everything is normal except you need to take this medication.  Or everything is ok, but you can't go to Sunday School for a little while.  This is not helping Adam!  He knows something is not the same.  Also, it is selling us ALL short.  In this type of mindset we will miss the blessings God is offering - let's curve with the road.  Adam needs to learn how to be Adam - how to protect himself, how to use his God-given strengths, and how what is going on with him is amazing! Ten to twenty years ago, he may not have been healed.  Now, every pill, injection, and poke is giving him super-hero powers to fight the blasts in his body.  

All of this is because I realized today that I do not want to be normal.  I met an amazing woman that God placed in our life to bring this message today.  Remember, I prayed (also Psalm 139), Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. When God calls us, He calls us to a different, simpler way of living. Putting his kingdom first (not to mention living in darkness and striving for normal is completely miserable) so that we can join the eternal family of God that has already gone ahead to glory!  Consider us called!

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